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Your Husband Called...Book Your Retreat!

Your husband is looking forward to your next retreat; he needs a vacation!

This is a true story! I returned a phone call to a guest and her husband answered. I identified myself and he said, “I’m looking forward to her retreat! I need a vacation.” We both laughed. Gerrie spoke with her husband on day 4 of her retreat and he said, “I got so much done. Stay another five days!”


The first level work room is completed, and guests have been loving it! You are able to roll your machine and supplies into the workroom through the sliding glass door and begin working. You have access to the design walls surrounding the wooden worktables. Roll your luggage and groceries into the kitchen using the ramp that connects the work room to the kitchen. This new work area has a fireplace, TV, adjustable wooden tables, custom ironing stations, custom cutting table, and a mini-split cooling/heating unit for your comfort. Open the sliding glass door for a cool breeze in the spring. Your area is well lit during the daytime hours and bright lighting for the evening hours. I was told I should pump in pure oxygen for that Vegas feel!


The basement level is still available. It has an extra-large cutting mat for squaring up your quilts and the Accuquilt Studio machine is available to use.


NEW: Youth Sew Classes at Seamless Getaways!

$20/Class + Supplies

12:30 – 4:30 p.m.

204 Grace Drive, Forrest, IL

Register by sending Linda Lambert an email:

June 18, 19, 20, 26, August 1, 2


Class 1:           Coasters, Corner Bookmark, Fabric Book Cover

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 12:30-4:30

            Objectives:      1. Measuring and cutting fabric

                                    2. Sewing straight lines

Supplies: A book you would like to cover, 1 yard of fabric, ½ yard of contrasting fabric, thread, sewing scissor, measuring tape, 1 yard of interfacing, working sewing machine. (Please let me know if you will need a machine.)

Class 2:           Pillowcase (Burrito)

                        Wednesday, June 19, 2024 12:30-4:30

                Objectives:        1. Measuring and cutting fabric

                                    2. Sewing straight lines

                                    3. Reading directions

Supplies: 1 yard of main fabric, 1/3 yard for the cuff, ¼ yard for the flange, thread, sewing scissors, measuring tape, seam ripper, working sewing machine. (Please let me know if you will need a machine.)

Class 3:           Reading Pillow with pockets            Thursday, June 0, 2024 12:30-4:30

                Objectives          1. Measuring and cutting fabric

                                    2. Sewing straight lines

                                    3. Quilting using a walking foot

Supplies: 16” pillow form, ½ yard pillow front fabric, ½ yard pocket fabric, ½ yard backing fabric (will be inside the pillow), ¾ yard back fabric, ¼ yard binding, thread, sewing scissor, measuring tape, seam ripper, working sewing machine. (Please let me know if you will need a machine.)

Class 4:           Elastic shorts or pajama pants        Wednesday, June 26, 2024 12:30-4:30

Objectives 1.      Measuring and cutting fabric

2.      Sewing straight lines

3.      Reading pattern directions

4.      Top stitching

5.      Making a casing for elastic

Supplies: Shorts or pajama pants pattern, fabric according to pattern. We will talk about this in class #3. Thread, working sewing machine. (Please let me know if you need a machine.)

Class 5:           Recycle pair of jeans into a denim bag or fabric box                                                                    August 1, 2024 12:30-4:30

Objectives 1.      Seamstress decides which item they want to create

2.      Measuring and cutting denim jeans

3.      Sewing seams

4.      Top stitching

Supplies: Pair of jeans no longer used as we will be cutting these up, thread, scissors, seam ripper, working sewing machine. (Please let me know if you need a sewing machine.)

Class #6:         Youth Open Sew $5/youth               August 2, 2024 12:30-4:30

·         Come in to complete a project

·         Ask questions

·         Sew

·         Prepare for the Fairbury Fair


There’s still room to attend …..

One Block Wonder with Gloria, June 21-23

There’s room for five more guests at this spectacular quilting class retreat! You will love this unique method of designing and creating quilts.  Instead of starting with a particular pattern or design and then trying to find fabric that will fit that pattern, this approach begins with the fabric or panels:  the fabric/panel is the key element.  Kaleidoscope blocks – each one is unique – are produced by aligning the printed design on several layers of fabric/panels and then cutting and sewing triangles together.  Just as the mirrors in a kaleidoscope reflect and repeat an image, each triangle repeats color and pattern to create a new design for each block.  Once all the blocks are made, you begin to design your quilt.

Join us at Seamless Getaways and to begin this fun-filled adventure.  It is so much fun twirling each triangle to see what kaleidoscope we have and what design we come up with.  The sky is the limit!

Gloria, is an award-winning quilter/teacher from Top Shelf Quilts in Mokena, IL, with 50 years of sewing/quilting experience. She will walk you through creating this show stopping quilt!

$250 3 Days/2 Nights One Block Wonder Registration


*New* September 16 – 18 Laura Heine Collage Quilting Retreat with Linda

Join Linda September 16-18, 2024, for a Laura Heine Collage Quilting Retreat.  As a certified Laura Heine instructor, she will share Laura’s collage quilting process and techniques for a beautiful collage quilt. You will choose your pattern. Laura’s quilts are creative, whimsical, and fun to create. You will have the whole weekend to create and finish your quilt. If you are creating a 19x23 design, you will even have time to create two quilts! There is a supply list for this weekend class listed on the website. You may purchase these at your favorite quilt shop. There are only seven openings for this class. Register today!

$200 3 Days/2 Nights


October 11-13, 2024 is now open, if anyone is looking to schedule a private retreat. Check out the calendar online, Reservations link


*NEW* November 29-December 1, 2024, Black Friday Open Retreat. Why fight the shopping crowds when you can attend a sewing retreat and gift from the heart? There are seven openings for this retreat. Bring a friend or attend alone and meet new friends! Register today!

$200/person 3 Days/2 Nights     Registration link

*New* Catering Services

If your group would like your meals to be catered, please give me two weeks' notice. I will send you a menu and pricing from the caterer and the food will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Classes & Upcoming Events:

As a certified Laura Heine instructor, I often do lectures and workshops teaching how to create collage quilts using Laura Heine’s techniques and patterns. I will be at the following quilt shops and guilds this coming fall:

Prairie Points Quilt Shop, Peoria, IL: Friday, September 13, Laura Heine Whatevers: Pumpkins and Turkeys

Quilter’s Trunk, October 2 & 26, 2024, Chicago, IL, Laura Heine Spool of Flowers

Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, October 16, 2024, Springfield, IL

Faithful Circle Quilters Guild, October 23 & 24, Downer’s Grove, Laura Heine Pincushion

More Laura Heine classes will be coming in the fall months at area quilt shops!


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Take time to do the things you love. It feeds your mind and makes your heart happy!

I hope to see you soon!




If you enjoyed your stay at Seamless Getaways, please leave a positive review at this link. If you have suggestions for future stays, please email me at

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