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Coffee Steamer, Forest, IL

The Coffee Steamer, Forest, IL


Historic Pontiac, Il - Route 66

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Lost Arts.jpg
Lost Arts, Fairbury, IL

Tickled Pink, Pontiac, IL

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| Sites and Attractions |

This is not a complete list of fine businesses and destinations in the Forrest-Fairbury area, but it is a good start for a fun trip to get you out and back to your Seamless Getaways…

| Nearby |

Get a wide array of coffee treats, as well as breakfast and lunch just across the RR tracks in Forrest at the The Coffee Steamer, 101 W. Krack St., Forrest, IL.  Need some wholesome snacks, meats, cheeses, etc.?  The Country Cupboard, Forrest, IL is a stone’s throw away just west on Rte. 24.  Continue on to Fairbury to visit Lost Arts Fabric store and then walk across the street for a delicious gourmet breakfast/lunch at Lost in Time restaurant. Be sure to save room for dessert!

Stock up on groceries at one of Central Illinois’ finest at Dave’s Supermarket. You will find quality, selection, AND they even carry your bags to your car! Kilgus Farmstead Country Store, a 4th generation family farm, is a great place to purchase meat directly from their farm. This is one of our favorite places to stop for $1 self-serve, fresh ice cream cones. Deserving equal ice cream time is Catton’s Creamery and DQ in Fairbury.  If you are looking for an adult beverage (Thursday-Sunday) check out Emancipation Brewery. It is a craft brewery & taproom in a remodeled dairy barn.  After all this food and drink, you may want a little exercise. Enjoy a walk through parks in Forrest and Fairbury or on a nature trail through Fugate Woods.

| Restaurants |


*You may want to call ahead to confirm hours.


| Fabric Stores |

There are many large and small fabric stores in the area that are all unique. I am a fan of all of them!

Longarm Quilting Services: The Quilted Star, Kris Gahm


| Museums |

Route 66 Association                           
Livingston County War                    
Pontiac-Oakland Auto                          
The Gilding Arts

International Walldog Mural and Sign Art (take the mural tour)               
Ag Museum (Chatsworth)

Fairbury Attractions and Events

Pontiac Attractions

Illinois Route 66

Route 66 Museum and Attractions in Pontiac

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